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The Child Rights Alliance

The Child Rights Alliance

The Child Rights Alliance is a collaboration of civil society, government agencies, the community and all stakeholders to protect at least 6,000 children from abuse. ChildLinK and the Rights of the Child Commission will be the leading organizations in this alliance.

The Alliance has four major objectives:

  • To build the capacity of Community Based Organizations in Regions 3, 4 and 5 to conduct sensitization sessions, provide child care counselling and parenting skills education in an effort to increase awareness of the rights and responsibilities of the child, child abuse and child protection measures.
  • To further build the capacity of Community Based Organizations in Regions 3, 4 and 5 to engage and mobilize stakeholders in their respective region to form a regional network whose aim is to advocate and implement better child protection policies and procedures.
  • To produce four thematic research papers to better understand the situation in Guyana as it relates to child abuse. The findings of these research will guide the formulation of policies.
  • To engage the public through a public education campaign on the findings of the four thematic papers. This will increase general awareness of child abuse and the need for child protection.

The Child Rights Alliance is committed to a better Guyana. Child protection is a matter of national development. Children will one day assume leadership in all aspect of Guyanese society: economic, political, cultural and social. It is therefore incumbent upon us to create an environment which will realize their holistic development and by extension, a bright future for our beloved Guyana.


Meet Our Partners

The Orchid Foundation
Orchid Foundation is located in Parfaite Harmonie, West Bank Demerara. This organization provides counselling services and skills training to residents in Region Three. Read more.


Heavenly Light World Outreach Fellowship
Heavenly Light World Outreach Fellowship is a Religious Organization located in Albouystown. Heavenly Light was founded in 1960. They continue to serve the community by providing skills training to combat poverty, feeding programmes, a day care service and a 24 hours suicide hotline. Read more.


Family Awareness Consciousness Togetherness (FACT) is a Non Governmental Organization located in Corriverton, Corentyne Coast. This NGO has provided HIV counselling, family counselling and skills training to residents in Berbice for over 15 years. Read more.

Mothers’ Union
Mothers’ Union is dedicated to bringing relief to families and individuals especially children and young, single mothers. Read more.


Leading change, educating and serving communities to end discrimination based on sexuality and gender. We are working to achieve equal rights and justice for all Guyanese. Read more.

National Commission on Disability
Works towards protecting the rights of persons with disabilities and influencing policies and the enforcement of laws that protect them. Read more.

Hope For All
Addressing major social issues in the community with the development of many vital programmes geared towards those people infected and affected by HIV. Read more.