Valini Leitch

Recovery Safegaurding Reintegration

The overall objective of the Recovery Safeguarding Reintegration (RSR) initiativeĀ is to facilitate the adoption of international guidelines and policy for childrenā€™s reintegration in line with the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) for 749 children living in institutions and 2500 children at risk of institutional care through wider collaboration with the Childcare and Protection Agency (CPA), 23 children institutions and 2 CBOs by September, 2020. There are four specific objectives which will contribute to the realization of the overall objective. They are as follows:

  1. The formation of a Reintegration Working Group (RWG) led by the Childcare and Protection Agency (CPA). The RWG will consist of 10 representatives from Government and Civil Society. They will draft a local policy for reintegration of children in institutional care back to family-based care. This policy will be in accordance with the best practices of international guidelines on reintegration and the UNCRC.
  2. Fifty-two (52) Human Rights Workers (HRWs) from Government and Civil Society will be trained to implement the local policy and guidelines to facilitate reintegration into family-based care and prevent children from being separated from family-based care.
  3. Conduct an assessment of 749 children in institutional care and select 120 (16%) for reintegration.
  4. Develop and conduct a public education campaign with the wider society to increase awareness of the importance of family-based care and conduct a public education campaign targeting 2,500 children at risk of removal from family-based care and 2,000 parents of children who are at risk of removal from family-based care.