Valini Leitch

One Life Too

The One Life Too Initiative is a project conceptualized by ChildLinK and Community Based Organization Jamaica (CBRJ) and is funded by the Commonwealth Foundation. This project aims to facilitate the integration of children with mild autism into mainstream schools in Guyana and Jamaica through collaboration with the civil society organizations (CSOs) – ChildLinK, CBRJ, and Step by Step Foundation – and government.

The implementing CSOs will partner with other CSOs to lobby the government for the development and implementation of policies and systems required to support successful integration. Teachers and Education Officers will benefit from capacity building sessions that will equip them with knowledge and skills to provide critical services to children with mild autism and their parents. One such service is the development of an Individual Education Plan (IEPs) for each child and work with parents to implement the plan. IEPs are customized for each child after careful assessment that will serve as a guide in helping the child to make real progress academically at their pace.

CBRJ in Jamaica and Step by Step in Guyana will engage parents of children with mild autism to provide parenting sessions to strengthen their capacity to support their children in the implementation of the IEPs and provide positive parenting for the safety, care, and holistic development of their children. CBRJ and Step by Step will also mobilize parents of children with mild autism to build their capacity to train other parents to support and care for their children with mild autism.

This project commenced in 2019 and will conclude in 2023.