Valini Leitch


Youth Advocate Mentor Capacity Building Session
In: ChildLink News
Jul 29, 2020

Throughout the pandemic, ChildLinK has been working to ensure the engagement and building the capacity of its youth arm, Youth Advocate Mentors.

Yesterday ChildLinK’s Youth Advocate Mentors were engaged in a one-hour capacity building session with on self-leadership via Zoom.┬áDr. Astell Collins who was the guest speaker discussed with the youths the importance of sincerity and authenticity in self-leadership. Self-leadership”Self-leadership is the practice of intentionally influencing your thinking, feeling, and actions towards your objective/s” (Bryant and Kazan 2012).

It is important that these youths are empowered in ways that will help them to live successful and fulfilling lives and especially as young people advocating for the rights of children and becoming mentors to their peers. One of the advocated Ms.Sandhya Rhamrack noted that” The session was very insightful and empowering”.

This session was the first of a series of sessions that will be facilitated by ChildLinK on a variety of topics that will be presented by different speakers and facilitators.