Valini Leitch


The Orchid Foundation sensitizing and counselling students at Patentia Secondary
In: ChildLink News
May 29, 2017

Patentia Secondary school students will benefit from sensitization and counselling sessions from representatives of The Orchid Foundation. Maureen Hope, Child Care Counsellor attached to The Orchid Foundation, will sensitize students during the latter part of May and early June 2017, on several topics including sex and gender, the rights and responsibilities of the child as stated in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) and Gender Based Violence (GBV). This is one of the deliverable of the Child Rights Alliance.

Orchid Foundation’s Executive Director, Indra Constantine, will provide counselling to students who were victims of abuse or violence. The sensitization sessions are a great opportunity for students to learn about child abuse and the systems and policies that are in place to protect them. Students often feel encouraged to report cases of abuse after they are sensitized. As at April 28, 2017, ChildLinK has sensitized 473 students. Of the 473 students who were sensitized, 34 or one in every 13 students reported that they were abused in some form, to a Child Care Counsellor. This further illustrates the need for more sensitization.

The Child Rights Alliance aims to sensitize at least 2,000 students and provide counselling to 200 students in Region Three.