Valini Leitch


Supporting Children with Mild Autism During the Pandemic.
In: ChildLink News
Aug 5, 2020

ChildLinK continues to offer support to children living with mild autism during the pandemic. Ms. Amanda Bacchus works as a social worker under ChildlLinK’s One Life Too Initiative, ms. Bacchus would usually visit the schools of the clients (children with mild autism) on the project and would offer support to the children whether it is with their school work or in some cases moral support.

However, due to the pandemic, schools have been closed and the work with these children has continued virtually. Ms. Bacchus would video chat with children and parents via WhatsApp noted that though this approach to support may have its challenges due to some of the clients having a short attention span, it gives her the opportunity to continue the bond that she has already established with the children which makes it easier when school reopens. During her sessions ms. Bacchus noted that she would mostly work with parents in helping them to find simple ways in which they can teach their children who in many cases have short attention spans.

Ms. Bacchus advised that parents use this time to study their children, understand their learning strengths, and the pace at which their children learn. she advised that parents create a routine which they can stick to which will make things easier. She noted that is important that parents not focus on their child’s weakness but rather focus on extra bonding and find ways in which they can efficiently assist their children living with autism in their academics. And would like to┬áremind parents that its okay to take time for themselves.