Valini Leitch


Sophia B Field Residents Sensitized About Child Sexual Abuse
In: ChildLink News
Dec 11, 2018

Parents and children in Sophia B Field were sensitized about sexual abuse by a collaborative effort from ChildLinK‘s Child Advocacy Centre (CAC) and representatives from GPHC and the Guyana Police. The Team visited approximately 20 shops in the vicinity of Sophia Primary School to engage residents about child sexual abuse prevention and reporting. During this engagement, the Team received four reports of child abuse.

The Team also held awareness sessions with approximately 85 children from Grades 4, 5 and 6 where they discussed child sexual abuse and prevention methods with the children.

ChildLinK released the Cries in the Dark- Child Sexual Abuse in Guyana Today report. This report provides analysis of the 338 cases of child sexual abuse that were reported to ChildLinK’s CACs from 2014 to 2018.