Valini Leitch


Sensitizing Guyana’s Firefighters on Sexual Assault.
In: ChildLink News
Apr 23, 2018

Counselors from ChildLinK’s Child Advocacy Center sensitized 20 firefighters at the Guyana Fire Station’s Headquarters on sexual assault on April 23rd 2018. This activity was conducted in observance of sexual assault awareness month (SAAM). This year’s theme is “Embrace your voice”.

The firefighters participated in an interactive game. Scenarios were given and they were given the choice to choose whether what was in the scenario was legal or illegal. They were then asked if they understood the definition of sexual assault. Furthermore they were also sensitized about the common myths and facts surrounding sexual assault.

The session was engaging and the topic was well received, interest was expressed by some of  the firefighters to learn more about sexual assault and ways to educate peers and family about it. SAAM is observed during the month of April annually. Former US president Barack Obama was the first president to declare April as Sexual Assault Awareness Month and its first observation in 2001.