Valini Leitch


Region Two Stakeholders Sensitized About the Child Neglect in Guyana Report
In: ChildLink News
Jul 18, 2018

Child Rights Alliance (CRA) representatives engaged Region Two stakeholders on child neglect utilizing the Child Neglect in Guyana report on July 12, 2018 at the Suddie Hospital Boardroom, Suddie, Essequibo Coast. The stakeholders includes representatives from the Hope For All, Guyana Police Force, Suddie Hospital and the Guyana Foundation.

Over the last several years, child neglect continues to be the most prevalent form of child abuse reported to the Childcare and Protection Agency (CPA) accounting for more than 49% of all reported cases. Child neglect can often times be linked with other forms of child abuse such as sexual abuse. According to reports, the main contributing factors of child neglect is ‘lack of finances’. For example, some parents are obligated to work minimum wage shift jobs. As a result, the children are left unsupervised. This has contributed to accidents in the home¬†and in some cases a child’s life was taken.

ChildLinK, through the CRA, will continue to engage its fellow CRA member, Hope For All, to strengthen regional stakeholders collaboration for the protection of children.