Valini Leitch


Recovery Safeguarding Reintegration RWG Meeting.
In: ChildLink News
Oct 31, 2018

On October 30th, 2018,under its Recovery Safeguarding Reintegration Initiative,  ChildLinK and Childcare and Protection Agency hosted a Reintegration Working Group (RWG) meeting. The RWG met and discussed Guidelines for the process of  reintegration of children from institutional care back into family based care.

Facilitator Bonita Harris discussed the importance of collaboration among actors in the reintegration process. Those actors include government agencies such as the CPA, Guyana Police Force, Department of Probation and Social Services, and Civil Society Organizations. The RWG stressed that the process should be in keeping with international practices and the process for reintegration should be one that is inclusive and welcomes child participation.

Among those present were representatives of UNICEF, ChildLinK, Childcare and Protection Agency, Department of Probation and Social Services, Caribbean based Rehabilitation Guyana (CBRG), United Bricklayers, Youths for Purpose among other partners who are all members of the Reintegration Working Group .