Valini Leitch


RCC and ChildLinK Capacity Building Session
In: ChildLink News
Sep 19, 2017

The Rights of the Child Commission, ChildLinK and several Child Rights Alliance (CRA) partners participated in a capacity building session focusing on Monitoring and Evaluation, Advocacy and Early Childhood Education on September 18, 2017 at the RCC boardroom. The objective of these sessions was to help strengthen the skills of the CRA partners in these pertinent areas so that they can deliver quality work in this and future projects.

The Monitoring and Evaluation session was conducted by Omattie Madray, ChildLinK’s Managing Director. The objective of the session was to help the participants better understand the functions of both monitoring and evaluation in a project and the steps involved in this process. Participants were also shown its application in the current CRA project.

The Advocacy session was conducted by Kean Chase, Programme Manager, CRA. The participants were guided through the cycle of Advocacy in projects as well as its value to projects.

Amar Panday, the Rights of the Child Commission’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO), conducted a session on Early Childhood Education. The premise of the session focuses on a presentation by Dr. Brenda Fitzgerald who explored the relationship between language and interaction between parent/caregiver and child and the child’s likelihood of achieving their potential.