Valini Leitch


Psychosocial Support in the Pandemic
Jul 8, 2020

ChildLinK has been providing psychosocial support to families throughout the pandemic. This support is to help family members cope with the pandemic along with the day to day challenges that the family may face. In order to offer support to families through the pandemic, ChildLinK’s staff has been offering psychosocial support virtually. The Support provided to families is via telephone call which lasts up to 30-45 minutes, and one family usually has two sessions weekly.

ChildLinK’s Parenting Skills Educator, Ms. Stacy Parris, who works specifically with parents, stated that for many families, this is the only form of emotional support that they are receiving. According to one Parent, “I look forward for my call every week”. Ms. Parris noted that everyone needs some form of support especially as a parent and sometimes they just need someone to listen to them or to reassure them that they’re doing things the right way, while some parents need guidance or advice on how to approach or handle some of the challenges that they have.

Ms. Parris noted that there are parents who reached out to her for help who are taking different approaches to their parenting and seeing results. she added that though there are some parents who expressed that they miss the face sessions, they also express gratitude for the support being offered especially during this time.

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