Valini Leitch


Peace Corps Introductory Parenting Session.
In: ChildLink News
Apr 19, 2018

Childlink Guyana was requested by the Guyana Peace Corps to hold a session that focuses on parenting in an event they were organizing on  April 19th, 2018  at the Grand Coastal Inn.

Representatives of Childlink Stacy Parris and Kean Chase provided education volunteers, head teachers and childcare providers with the knowledge, skills and attitudes needed to organize and implement parent support activities that enhance parental involvement. 

The session which was an introductory one involved 60 participants. The discussion highlighted Issues related to parenting in Regions 1-7, and focus was placed on self, the Johari window and the qualities needed to be a parenting skills educator. 

The participants reflected on their early childhood experiences and how those experiences has shaped their individual parenting style/skills. This lead to the discussion of what exactly is parenting and what does it mean to each individual. 

The session was very engaging and many of the participants expressed their gratitude and also their  interest in diving deeper into the program and receiving more indept training while on their way to becoming a parenting skills educator.