Valini Leitch


Parents partnership with Teachers in the development of their children
In: ChildLink News
Oct 24, 2017

The relationship between parents and teachers and schools in the development of children was explored during an hour long panel discussion on Tuesday evening October 17, 2017 on NCN Channel 11. The panel comprised of Hasani Tinnie (Communications Officer, Child Rights Alliance); and hosted by Kean Chase (Programme Manager, ChildLinK); Naudia Hollingsworth (PTA National Coordinatror); Sherwin Fraser (Special Educational Needs Specialsit and Author); Onika Pearson (Senior School’s Welfare); Elizabeth Bunbury (Graduate Senior Mistress, Beterverwagting Secondary School). This activity is part of the advocacy efforts under the Child Rights Alliance (CRA).

The panel stressed the need for parental involvement in the life of the child. Parents were advised to support their children through encouragement and positive behaviour. Sociologists have noted the powerful impact of model behaviour in the lives of children. Parents were also advised that they should teach their children respect for authority and help them to develop a strong work ethic before entering school. Parents who may not be academically inclined were urged to show an active interest in their child’s educational career.

The panel explored a few challenges that children are facing in schools. One panellist stated that the message from popular Deejays is having a powerful but negative influence on the youth. Additionally, the CRA has noted that child abuse is prevalent in school. The CRA has sensitized over 2,000 children from January through September, 2017. Over 100 children approached a CRA counselor revealing they were abused.

The Child Rights Alliance will continue its advocacy efforts by releasing several additional programmes which focus on parents while also producing televised panel discussions on the child neglect in Guyana report.