Valini Leitch


Parents of Little Friends Nursery Sensitized About Child Sexual Abuse
In: ChildLink News
Sep 25, 2018

Twenty four (24) parents and of children who attend Little Friends Nursery School along with four (4) teachers were sensitized about child sexual abuse. The sensitization session was facilitated by Donnetta Mendonca, Sensitization Officer of the Recovery SafeguardingĀ  Reintegration (RSR) project. The purpose of this session is to equip parents with the knowledge that will help them to be better able to protect their children from would be perpetrators.

The session focused mainly on signs of child sexual abuse. Some of these signs include bed wetting, fear of a particular location or adult, social withdrawal, aggressive behaviour, ‘acting out’, etc. One parent remarked that she was “given a lot to think about”. The teachers also noted that the information shared was helpful.

Over the past several years there has been a noted increase in reported cases of child abuse. In 2014, there were 2,745 cases of child abuse reported to the Childcare and Protection Agency (CPA). In 2018, that number rose to 4,179 reported cases, an increase of 52 percent. While child neglect is the most prevalent form of child abuse over the past several years, child sexual abuse remains one of the most prevalent forms. In 2017, there were 841 cases of child sexual abuse reported to the CPA.