Valini Leitch


Awareness sessions at Patentia Nursery School
In: ChildLink News
Jun 15, 2017

A parent’s impact on the life of a child cannot be overestimated. The Child Rights Alliance (CRA) partners are working assiduously to ensure, as far as practicable, that impact is positive. The CRA Region Three partner, The Orchid Foundation,¬†conducted an awareness session¬†with the Parent Teachers Association (PTA) of the Patentia Nursery School during the months of June 2017.

The purpose the awareness session is to inform the parents of the parenting sessions which was designed to improve the relationship between the parent and the child in order to protect the child from possible violence and abuse. This is done on the premise that a child has the greatest opportunity to achieve his/her potential if they grow up in an environment free from violence and abuse. The parenting sessions are open to members of the public and is sure to beneficial to any and every parent.

At these sessions, a trained facilitator will engage the parents in interactive and thought provoking discussions on a range of topics which addresses crucial social issues. As at June 9, 2017, the sessions covered domestic violence and various forms of abuse.