Valini Leitch


Orchid Foundation starts Parenting Sessions in Parfaite Harmonie
In: ChildLink News
May 16, 2017

Twenty two parents from Parfaite Harmonie, West Bank Demerara will benefit from Parenting Skills Education (PSE) sessions from The Orchid Foundation. The Director, Indra Constantine, noted that the parents are “very interested in the sessions.” The sessions will be facilitated by Constantine and Orchid Foundation Parenting Officer Rebekah Dhanwattie Hansraj.

These activities are a part of the Child Rights Alliance. Orchid Foundation will target 175 parents in Region Three for Parenting Skills Education. The objective of the PSE sessions is to equip parents with knowledge that will help them to improve their parenting approach, improve their relationship with their child/ren and ultimately reduce incidents of child abuse.

ChildLinK and our partners in the Child Rights Alliance aims to create an environment where children are free from abuse and violence thus allowing them the best possible opportunity of realizing their full potential.