Valini Leitch


Orchid Foundation sensitizing La Grange Primary School
In: ChildLink News
Jun 12, 2017

The Orchid Foundation will be conducting sensitization sessions at the La Grange Primary School during the month of June 2017. These activities were carried out under the Child Rights Alliance (CRA).

Orchid’s Executive Director Indra Constantine and Child Care Sensitization Officer Maureen Hope are working together in schools and communities across Region Three to sensitize children and parents about child abuse and child protection. The objectives of these sessions are to encourage children to report cases of abuse and equip children with knowledge that may help them to prevent child abuse from occurring.

Orchid Foundation follows Guyana’s child protection protocols, facilitating the reporting of cases that come to their attention as a result of the sensitization sessions. They also provide psycho social care through group and one on one counselling to children who are survivors of abuse.