Valini Leitch


Diversity Education and Inclusion Workshop
In: ChildLink News
Aug 17, 2017

ChildLinK’s vision is to create a Guyanese society where every child has the right to grow up in a safe and secure family and community. For our vision to be realized there must be social cohesion. In that light, ChildLinK was happy to participate in the Ministry of Social Cohesion’s two day Diversity Education and Inclusion NGO engagement on August 15 and 16, 2017.

The participants consisted of several Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs). The engagement focused on several important issues such as values and how it can affect our actions. Participants were also guided on how to understand and address prejudices which we are aware of or which may be latent in our subconscious. The participants were also guided to appreciate the benefits of social diversity and how it can lead to learning. And that was only the first day.

Participants examined the Johari window and how understanding the four aspects of self can increase individual and organizational efficiency. We also examined the ABC’s of trust as well as activities that can help to strengthen social cohesion. Participants were divided into groups to plan and implement a community project which must be implemented within two months. More on ChildLinK’s involvement in the community project at a later date.

ChildLinK supports social cohesion and encourages Guyanese to embrace our social and cultural diversity but more importantly, we should embrace each other.