Valini Leitch


More parents in Parfaite Harmonie targeted for Parenting Sessions
In: ChildLink News
Jul 12, 2017

Child Rights Alliance (CRA) partner The Orchid Foundation is continuing its efforts to engage parents in Region Three on child protection and child abuse prevention matters. Representatives from the CRA partner met with 29 parents from Parfaite Harmonie and held interactive discussions on child abuse. This session  was just an introductory session to introduce the residents to the programme of the CRA which will facilitate parenting skills sessions in the near future.

The parents indicated that the session was an ‘eye opener’ for most because they were unfamiliar with what constitutes child abuse and the rights of the child.

The CRA aims to protect children from abuse and violence through advocacy, networking, research and lobbying. ChildLinK will train Community Based Organizations (CBOs) in Regions Three, Four and Five to conduct sensitization sessions, child care counselling and parenting skills education in an effort to equip children and parents with knowledge and skills which will contribute to the reduction of child abuse and violence.