Valini Leitch


Juconi Foundation (Mexico) Learning Exchange Visit
In: Press Release
Sep 4, 2017

Juconi Foundation (Mexico) Representative Sandra Cortes, conducted a series of training sessions with ChildLinK Counsellors from 29 to 31 August, 2017. Juconi and ChildLinK are members of the international alliance, Family For Every Child. Members conduct learning exchange visits where knowledge and practices are shared between two members. Juconi Foundation works closely with children and families to strengthen relationships and protect children.

The sessions focused on several areas which include the Attachment Theory, Emotional Thermometer, and Circle of Security.

The Attachment theory examines the level of attachment (emotional bond) that children have from infancy to childhood and contributing factors to the attachment.

The Emotional Thermometer comprises of activities that helps individuals to recognize that emotions from low key to intense. It also helps the individual to identify and gauge the intensity of emotions which can contribute to peaceful conflict resolution.

The Circle of Security comprises of activities that help to support and strengthen the parent and child relationship. These activities help parents to understand their child’s emotions by