Valini Leitch


‘In The Name Of Art’
Apr 30, 2018

SASOD’s Women’s Arm Guyana (SWAG) hosted a public event ‘In The Name Of Art’ for the occasion of Sexual Assault Awareness Month on Friday April 27, 2018 at SASOD’s Headquarters. ChildLinK’s Programmes Manager Kean Chase  and University of Guyana’s (UG) Lecturer Akima Mcpherson  were guest speakers for this event. Ms. Chase started off by noting the need for persons to understand what exactly consent is and who is able to give consent and also what can happen if a person does not give consent. She also made the attendees aware that sexual assault is not deserved and it is never the victim’s fault.

Ms. Chase shared some personal experiences of being sexually assaulted and harassed and made mention the fact that the assailants were completely oblivious to what they were doing because it has become the norm in our society. Ms. Chase expressed her gratitude for being asked to speak and hoped the attendees will use the knowledge that was just imparted.

Ms. Akima Mcpherson is an Artist . In her presentation she described her most recent work ‘Walk with me’ and her reason for doing it. The emotive art installation explored Guyanese women’s complex experiences of domestic violence. She told the story of an abused woman, Jasmine, who finally walked away from her abusive relationship at her installation at the National Gallery of Art at Castellani House, which concluded on January 13, 2018.