Valini Leitch


Child Rights Alliance partner Heavenly Light shedding light on parenting
In: ChildLink News
Apr 24, 2017

Heavenly Light World Outreach Fellowship conducted parenting skills education sessions with 21 parents from the Charlestown and Albouystwon area. Parenting skills education is one of the deliverables under the Child Rights Alliance (CRA) which aims to protect 6,000 children from abuse and violence.

The objective of parenting skills is to strengthen the parent/child relationship in an effort to eliminate child abuse. Parents may utilize abusive methods to discipline the child which creates a rift between them. Some parents view abuse as physical blows that result in injury to the child. They may not be aware of the harm other forms of abuse (verbal, emotional, neglect, etc) cause to the child. With training, parents can understand the nature and consequences of abuse and how to relate to a child who has been abused. They will also  learn about the stages of development of a child and strategies to that will help them to relate to child more effectively.

Under the Child Rights Alliance, Community Based Organizations in Regions Three, Four and Five will provide parenting skills to communities. To find out more information call ChildLinK on 231 7174, email,  inbox us on facebook  or follow us on twitter.