Valini Leitch


Heavenly Light Continues Sensitization Efforts in Schools
In: ChildLink News
Feb 6, 2018

Child Rights Alliance (CRA) partner Heavenly Light World Outreach Fellowship continues its sensitization efforts in schools in the vicinity of Georgetown. Since Heavenly Light begun conducting sensitization sessions as a member of the CRA in October 2016, they have sensitized more than 1,500 children.

Children from primary and secondary schools located in the Charlestown and Albouystown areas were sensitized about several issues inclusive of child abuse and gender based violence. This is one of the activities under the CRA. The objective of the CRA is to prevent children from experiencing violence and abuse. This will be accomplished by sensitizing them about child abuse and violence and providing child care counseling when necessary.

Teachers at schools where the CRA has a presence are reporting a marked reduction in violence and positive behavioural changes in students.