Valini Leitch


Future Plans for Alternative Family-Based Care Services in Guyana
In: Press Release
Apr 17, 2015

ChildLinK recently secured a grant to expand alternative family-based care services in Guyana. The initiative aims to:

  1. To strengthen social protection services for the provision of alternative family-based care (foster and kinship care) for children without parental care and children growing up in institutions/orphanages and prevent the separation of children at risk of losing parental care.
  2. Build Capacities of 30 human rights workers to effectively deliver comprehensive alternative family-based care services to children and their families in line with the UN guidelines on alternative care and local legislation.

The alternative family based care initiative focuses on strengthening family-based care services in Guyana through capacity building training and mentoring of human rights workers.  By establishing alternative family-based care services in Guyana the project aims to give children a better chance of growing up in a safe and secure family conducive for their all round development.  ChildLinK intends to partner with the Better Care Network, RELAF and EveryChild to tap into their expertise and recruit an overseas consultant to conduct training with the Child Care and Protection Agency and ChildLinK on the UN-Endorsed Guidelines for the Alternative Care of Children.  These guidelines are expected to become the instrument that guides the policies, decision, activities relating to alternative family-based care and will ensure the social protection and well-being of children and adolescents are prioritised.  The project will also raise awareness in the public domain on alternative family-based care services, and other child protection issues such as parenting and children rights.  There is need for training caregivers including parents and foster carers and service providers to ensure children are cared for and protected from all forms of abuse and improve response for children without parental care.