Valini Leitch


CRA facilitated a Members Meeting
In: ChildLink News
Dec 7, 2018

On December 6th, 2018, the   Child Rights Alliance (CRA)  facilitated its members meeting at the Ministry of Social Protection boardroom.

The meeting which was attended by a number of CSO’s and government agencies focused on developing a Community of practice for which agencies and organizations can network and share best practices in intervention and advocacy goals to make bigger impacts. Members participated in a number of activities to build capacity and work towards developing content for sensitization of parents, professionals, and Children. 

Among those present were representatives of Blosoom Inc, Volunteer Youth Corp, Guyana Women Minors Association, Red Thread, Mother’s Union,  Childcare and protection agency, GRPA, representative of Region 5 Regional Rights Committee. ChildLinK’s subgrantees Patentia achievers, Heavenly Light, Youths for Purpose and Orchid Foundation were also present and shared achievements of their organizations and some challenges that they are faced with. Ms. Mureen Hope, president of youths for purpose shared that through her organization she was able to assist three students in receiving scholarships to the University of Guyana.

Director of Social Social Services Mr. Whentwort Tanner who was also present, related to members that the ministry of social protection is working on forming community action groups of which two were established in Timehri and St. Cutsburg Mission. He also added that the ministry is developing an animated television program for pre-school students. The program Called” Hands are Not Made for Hitting” aims to eradicate physical violence among young children.