Valini Leitch


Children consulted as stakeholders for ChildLinK’s strategy planning
In: ChildLink News
Jul 31, 2017

During the month of July 2017, ChildLinK continues to engage various stakeholders as we utilize their feedback to help shape our strategic plan for the next three years (2017-2020). Several children participated in this session which was facilitated by Childhood Specialist Bonita Harris. 

The session was interactive and informative. The children shared their concerns about the challenges faced by their peers. Two of the participants were trained as Youth Advocate Mentors (YAMs) from the One Life 3 (Gender Based Violence) project.

The children gave several recommendations. They recommended that ChildLinK needs to do more work on the Tell Campaign which encourages children to report cases of abuses. The children also recommended that ChildLinK approach the government to continue the GBV project so that more YAMS can be trained. One of the participants, who was a trained YAM, related that two friends confided in him that they were sexually abused. He was able to use his training as a YAM to assist them in reporting the abuse and receive counselling.

The children also commended the Ministry of Social Protection for their messages through the media based on child protection, noting that they have had an impact.

ChildLinK sees children as important stakeholders in child protection and their invaluable contribution will help us to shape an effective strategic plan.