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ChildLinK facilitated “Be Safe”sensitization session with 47 children a Qualfon Summer Camp
In: ChildLink News
Aug 14, 2018

ChildLinK on Monday, August 13th, 2018 facilitated a ” Be safe” sensitization session with 47 children ages ranging from 4 -10 years old, at Qualfon Plaisance Branch. The session sensitized children on being safe.

The children were taught that their bodies belong to them, is private and that they are responsible for their bodies. Facilitators shared information on how to identify a good touch from a bad touch and the difference between the two. They were also advised that bad touches should not be condoned by anyone and to report or speak out about any form of abuse (to a trusted adult).

The participants engaged in arts and craft sessions which helped in identifying their private body parts that should not be touched.

ChildLinK Sensitization Officer Donetta Mendonca

Although information is available to children about sex and sexuality, it isn’t child-friendly and may leave children vulnerable to sexual violence. ChildLink is also working along with parents/caregivers sensitizing them on safeguarding their children, identifying abuse and educating them about sexual violence in a conducive manner. ChildLinK is on a mission to protect children from sexual violence and every other form of abuse or exploitation.