Valini Leitch


ChildLinK encourages teachers to be more vigilant
In: Press Release
May 29, 2017

ChildLinK encouraged teachers to show more interest in their students and to be more vigilant in order to increase reports of child abuse. ChildLinK’s Child Care Counsellor and Trainer, Stacy Parris, issued these views via press release. The Guyana Times covered the press release in an article captioned, “ChildLinK engages schools to stamp out child abuse.” on May 27, 2017. The Guyana Chronicle covered the press release on the same day captioned, “Be vigilant for child abuse cases- ChildLinK urges teachers.” 

As at April 28, 2017, Child Rights Alliance facilitators have  sensitized 473 students. Of the 473 students who were sensitized, 34 or one in every 13 students reported that they were abused in some form.