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ChildLinK conducted a 5 days Staff Training on “Theory of Change”.
In: ChildLink News
Jun 10, 2019

ChildLink conducted 5 days of training for staff, from June 3-7th  on “Theory of change”. The Theory of change is a casual framework of how and why a change process will happen in a particular context. Rather than projecting outcomes from activities. It reverses that process by first focusing on the outcomes you are seeking then thoroughly considers all pre-conditions necessary.

The training was facilitated by strategic management consultant Lani Kent, and training focused on the theory of change and applying such to a ten-year strategic work plan to be developed by ChildLinK. Staff was engaged in discussions on storytelling, focusing on the bigger picture,  the impact of activities outlined in the plan, effective changes in organizational structure, improving and developing new skills, utilizing the resources available, the importance of building staff capacity, effective management of which will be applied in the 10 years strategic work plan.


According to ChildLink’s Managing Director  Omattie Madray, “Embracing and incorporating the theory of change approach into developing ChildLinKs 2030 Strategy has identified a critical role for ChildLinK’s program to strengthen families, communities and key stakeholders for improving care and preventing child abuse across Guyana.

Staff expressed appreciation for the new approach of “Reverse Thinking” to develop a strategic plan. Staff were further engaged in discussions on the importance of teamwork and a more in-depth understanding of monitoring and evaluating, how to strategize in terms of effective planning, and the importance of keeping records.

Staff shared that being apart of such learnings would’ve motivated them to be more strategic in their approach and are excited to apply what was learned with respects to their various designations.