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ChildLinK Collaborated with the University of Guyana to Discuss Trauma stories: Acting in ;Acting Out
In: ChildLink News
Apr 16, 2019

ChildLinK collaborated with the University of Guyana to Launch its Trauma report; Trauma Acting in; Acting out and discuss the impact o trauma on the lives of children. The launch was hosted at the University of Guyana Education Lecture Theatre on Tuesday, March 26, 2019.

A number of university students attended the event which had remarks from Professor Ivelaw Griffith, Vice-Chancellor and principal at the University of Guyana in his welcoming remarks advised the audience that child protection is everyone’s business. he urged persons to educate themselves and invest in children. Mrs. Gafoors who is a patron on ChildLinks’ Education and Care initiative advised the audience that self-awareness and discovering self recognize learned behaviors that are unhealthy.

Researcher of the report Mrs. Samantha Alleyne shared the findings and how conducting the research personally impacted her life. The event had a number of other presentations and remarks from ChildLinK’s Chairman on its Board of Directors, Mr. Kosi John, Ms. Bonita Harris, Mrs. Kaiesha Perry, and Dr. Colleen Bovell among others.

According to Mrs. Alleyne’s presentation, the study identifies trauma as any unexpected event that may be physically or psychologically overwhelming the victim or a witness.  trauma can affect the lives of the victim and those around them. children or anyone who have had any traumatic experiences should receive counseling. Trauma isn’t a wall you don’t just get over it

Members of the audience were very responsive and asked relevant questions and shared their views on trauma.