Valini Leitch


ChildLinK and CPA Facilitated Eight Weeks Parenting Skills Program in Region 5.
In: ChildLink News
Sep 25, 2018

ChildLinK in collaboration with the Childcare and Protection Agency conducted an eight weeks parenting skills training sessions with at-risk parents at Latchmansingh Primary school. WestCoast, Berbice.

The training sessions targeted parents whose children are at risk of institutionalization, discussed early childhood experiences, domestic violence, child abuse, discipline and punishment, and parenting styles among other topics. Parents were advised that self-care is important in order to function to their full capacity as a parent. they were also able to understand the damaging effects domestic violence have on children and the family as a whole.

One parent noted that “I am now making an effort to understand my teenage daughter and how to communicate with her”. “I now learning the importance of listening to my children”, stated another parent.

Fourteen parents participated in the very impacting and meaningful mentoring sessions and were all awarded certificated for their dedication when the program concluded on September 19, 2018.