Valini Leitch


Child Rights Workshop
In: ChildLink News
Jun 5, 2017

The Rights of the Child Commission (RCC) and ChildLinK facilitated a Child Rights Workshop on 24th May 2017 at Herdmanston Lodge. The objective of the workshop is to develop a core group of youth ambassadors in Regions Three, Four and Five, who will provide support and foster development among their peers. This introductory session was developed to introduce and illustrate to the students key concepts such as human rights, children rights and independence as well highlight how they interrelate.

Key note speaker, Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo highlighted Guyana’s progress from pre independence to the present day. Prime Minister Nagamootoo especially noted the progress of our education system throughout his lifetime.

Representative from the Opposition and Chairperson of the Women and Gender Commission Ms. Indra Chanderpaul highlighted the need for improved access to academic development.

Chairperson of the Rights of the Child Commission Ms. Aleema Nasir elaborated on the challenges children face in society.

The students were given a brief overview of Guyana’s road to independence and becoming a signatory to the Convention on the Rights of the Child. They were given the opportunity to interact with each other and engaged in discussions on the advantages and disadvantages of being a youth in Guyana. Interestingly, the students felt that their contributions as youth are not taken seriously by adults. This is an issue that must be addressed.