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Child Rights Alliance Training of Trainers
In: ChildLink News
Mar 29, 2017

Child Rights Alliance (CRA) partners received training in child care counselling, parenting skills education and sensitization sessions. The training sessions were conducted by CRA trainers Beverley Bunbury (Parenting Skills Trainer) and Stacy Parris (Child Care Counselling Trainer).

Several staff from Family Awareness Consciousness Togetherness (FACT), Heavenly Light World Outreach Fellowship and The Orchid Foundation received training in the aforementioned areas. These trained staff will provide counselling and sensitisation sessions to communities in their respective region. The Orchid Foundation will target residents in Region Three, Heavenly Light will target residents in Region Four and FACT will target residents in Regions Five and Six.

Child care counselling equips trained personnel to sensitise children on important child protection topics and also provide one on one and group counselling to children. Individuals will learn how to develop a care plan for their clients, learn about the fundamentals in counselling and also theories and approaches to counselling. Persons that are trained will also be shown how to conduct sensitisation sessions on topics such as Gender Based Violence (GBV), sex and gender and the rights and responsibilities of the child.

Persons trained in parenting skills education will facilitate group sessions with parents. They will equip parents with knowledge that will help them to better understand the impact their actions have on children and alternative approaches to parenting. Parents will be taught how early childhood experiences shape their style of parenting, issues relating to power and control and domestic violence, etc. The objective of the parenting skills education is to help parents understand the lifelong consequences their parenting style can have on their child/ren and new approaches to reduce incidents of violence and abuse in the home.

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