Valini Leitch


Child Rights Alliance sensitization sessions at Charlestown Secondary and St. Stephen’s Primary
In: ChildLink News
Mar 30, 2017

Child Rights Alliance (CRA) partner, Heavenly Light World Outreach Fellowship conducted sensitization sessions with students of Charlestown Secondary and St. Stephen’s Primary. The students will be sensitized on several topics on child abuse. The purpose of the sensitization sessions is to equip the students with knowledge which may help them to protect themselves from abuse and to encourage them to report any case of abuse. The students will be sensitized about a range of topics including the rights and responsibilities of the child as stated in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child; the various forms of abuse and gender based violence.

Students who are sensitized are more likely to report cases of abuse. CRA partners will provide child care counseling to students who report abuse.

Heavenly Light will provide sensitization sessions to 2,000 children, counseling to 200 children and parenting skills education to 175 parents in the Charlestown- Albouystown area.