Valini Leitch


Child Neglect Public Awareness Begins
In: ChildLink News
Sep 26, 2017

The Child Rights Alliance member, ChildLinK and the Childcare and Protection Agency (CPA) were live on air on Tuesday September 26, 2017 to discuss the Child Neglect in Guyana Report. Nicole Whaul (Forensic Interviewer and Counselor, Child Advocacy Centre), Hasani Tinnie (Communications Officer, Child Rights Alliance) and Milton Smith (Probation Officer, Childcare and Protection Agency) were members of the panel for this discussion.

Child Neglect is the most prevalent form of child mal treatment in Guyana. Of the 12,917 reported cases of child abuse between 2013-2016, 6,448 of those cases were child neglect related. Since 35 percent of Guyana’s population is 15 years old or below, the issue of child neglect is a matter of national concern that requires a collective effort to address.

Forms of child neglect prevalent in Guyana are physical neglect, emotional neglect, educational neglect and medical neglect. While abandonment is not recognized as a form of child neglect in Guyana, it is rightly classified as a type of child abuse.

The members of the Child Rights Alliance urges all Guyanese to report known cases of child abuse. Call the Childcare and Protection Agency: 227 4082 or the CPA anonymous hotline: 227 0979. You can also call ChildLinK: 231 7174 or 227 2023.