Valini Leitch


Child Neglect Presentation at CFYR Inter Agency Networking Meeting
In: ChildLink News
Oct 30, 2017

ChildLinK Programme Manager, Kean Chase gave a presentation of the Child Neglect in Guyana report to the participants of the Community, Family and Youth Reconciliation (CFYR) Inter-Agency Networking Meeting on Friday October 27, 2017. This report is the second of four reports that the Child Rights Alliance (CRA) will release.

The presentation noted that child neglect, in the Guyanese context, is the consistent failure of the caregiver to attend to a child’s basic needs for food, shelter, supervision, love, medical treatment when needed and ensuring that the child goes to school regularly, providing the caregiver has the wherewithal to do so. The prevalence of poverty and the limited support mechanisms available to parents is a serious challenge to addressing child neglect. Additionally, the fact that around 70 percent of Guyana’s population is below 18 years old shows that child neglect can have a profound negative impact on Guyana’sĀ  socialĀ  and economical potential. The economic impact becomes evident when we realize that parents without sufficient financial resources struggle to provide a sufficient education for their children which creates a cycle of poverty which may include violence as well.

The Child Neglect in Guyana report calls for all stakeholders to invest in the welfare of children so that they can have the opportunity to develop their full potential.