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Child Neglect in Guyana Report launched by Child Rights Alliance
In: ChildLink News
Sep 20, 2017

The Child Rights Alliance (CRA) launched the second of four proposed research papers under the Child Rights Alliance on September 15, 2017 at the Moray House Trust. The study focused on Child Neglect in Guyana and was presented by Researcher Paulette Henry of the University of Guyana. 

The programme was chaired by Rights of the Child Commission’s Commissioner, Reverend Colleen Anthony. Speakers for the programme were:

Ambassador Jernej Videtec of the Delegation of the European Union to Guyana, Mrs. Paulette Henry (Researcher), Mrs. Anne Greene (Director of the Childcare and Protection Agency) and Mrs. Ameena Gaffor (ChildLinK Patron).

Children in the age range of 0-15 account for 36.4 percent of Guyana’s population. Additionally, 47 percent of children age 16 and below live in poverty. This is significant because lack of finances/poverty was seen as the chief cause of child neglect according to this research.

Neglect, in the Guyanese context can be classified under the following types:

  1. Physical Neglect
  2. Educational Neglect
  3. Emotional Neglect
  4. Medical Neglect

About 52 percent of all reported neglect cases are boys. Children in the age range of 8-13 recorded the highest incidence of neglect while ages 0-3 were the second highest. This would suggest that the older children may learnt skills to help them cope with the absence of their parents. Reported cases of child neglect is more prevalent single parent families than any other family type.

A stronger collaborative effort by stakeholders is needed to combat child neglect in Guyana along with strengthened support services available to families.