Valini Leitch


Child Advocacy Centre (CAC) Sensitize Berbice Students About Child Abuse
In: ChildLink News
Feb 6, 2018

The Child Advocacy Centres (CAC) of Regions Four and Five sensitized 194 students at Tagore Memorial High School about child abuse on Friday February 2, 2018. The CAC counselors targeted the Forms 1 and 3 students for this activity.

The counselors discussed different types of child abuse such as physical, verbal, sexual abuse and child neglect. The main focus of the session was on child sexual abuse. Students were informed about the signs of a potential sexual predator. They were given practical examples of how a sexual predator may approach a child so that they can protect themselves. The session was interactive and the students as well as teachers expressed their appreciation.

The CAC provides forensic interviews and trauma focused therapy to child survivors of child sexual abuse. The CAC also provides parenting skills education to parents of child survivors of sexual abuse. However, the CAC is also undertaking a preventative approach to child sexual abuse by conducting sensitization sessions in schools and communities where reports of child sexual abuse are prevalent. In 2017, the CAC sensitized over 440 children and parents.