Valini Leitch


ChildLinK and Community Based Rehabilitation Jamaica (CBRJ) engage in a practice exchange
In: ChildLink News
Mar 29, 2017

Ms. Sandra Long-White and Ms. Dorthy Daniels of Caribbean Based Rehabilitation of Jamaica (CBRJ) engaged in a practice exchange with ChildLinK from February 6th through 10th 2017. Both ChildLinK and CBRJ are members of the international alliance Family for Every Child. Members of this alliance engage in practice exchange when two organizations may have mutual interest in each other’s work and expertise.

CBRJ is a merger of two organizations: 3D Projects and Rural Services for Children with Disabilities (RCDS). CBRJ supports children with disabilities and their parents to prevent them from separating from their families. ChildLinK shared its experience in parenting skills training while CBRJ shared their experience of working with children with disabilities.