Valini Leitch


Calcutta, Mahaicony Community Tour
In: ChildLink News
May 15, 2017

Representatives from ChildLinK and Family Awareness Consciousness and Togetherness (FACT) conducted a community tour of Calcutta, Mahaicony, Region Five on Friday May 12, 2017. Residents  of Calcutta were engaged by the Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs) to support the Child Rights Alliance (CRA). The CRA is a collaboration of government agencies, civil society organizations and community leaders which seeks to protect children from abuse and violence. The two leading organizations in the Child Rights Alliance are the Rights of the Child Commission and ChildLinK.  These organizations are ably supported by Community Based Organizations such as FACT.

One of the major deliverables of the CRA is to provide Parenting Skills Education to parents. Child abuse sometimes occurs when parents do not know or understand what abuse, in all its forms (physical, emotional, etc), is and the psycho social damage it does to the child. Parents also do not understand why they are abusive. The PSE sessions are interactive, informative. It will help the parent to understand and relate to the child/ren better which will decrease incidences of child abuse.


Parents are encouraged to use non violent approach to discipline. Children can better achieve their full potential if they are exposed to a environment free of violence and abuse. The aim of the Child Rights Alliance is to make such an environment a reality.