Valini Leitch


Bell West youths sensitized on child abuse
In: ChildLink News
Jul 5, 2017

The Orchid Foundation continued its sensitization efforts in Region Three: Bell West, Canal Number Two, West Bank Demerara. A vibrant youth group in the community will be engaged in sensitization sessions in the months of July and August, 2017. These sessions fall under the activities of the Child Rights Alliance (CRA).

The objective of the CRA is to protect children from violence and abuse. One of the methods to accomplish this aim is to sensitize children on various child protection issues which will help them to recognize what abuse is and encourage them to report cases of abuse. The sensitization sessions will also increase their awareness of the negative impact of various forms of abuse and gender based violence in an effort to inspire them to be agents of change in their family, school and community.

The Orchid Foundation is one of several Community Based Organizations (CBOs) which was trained by ChildLinK under the CRA to conduct sensitization sessions to children. Currently, the focus is on children in Regions Three, Four and Five. However, the CRA will eventually expand to all ten administrative regions.