Valini Leitch


Bath Community Tour
In: ChildLink News
Jul 20, 2017

Family Awareness Consciousness Togetherness (FACT) Child Rights Alliance (CRA) counsellors and ChildLinK representatives conducted a community tour of Bath, West Coast Berbice, Region Five on July 19th 2017. The objectives of the community tour are to raise awareness of CRA activities and invite parents in the community to attend parenting sessions.

Several parents welcomed the initiative of holding parenting sessions. They posited that these sessions are long overdue. Some parents revealed that there are too many cases of truancy in the area. One parent cited two cases of child neglect that he is aware of. The parents stressed that those responsible for the protection of children need to do more to raise awareness.

The objective of the Child Rights Alliance (CRA) is to protect children from abuse and violence through improved networking, advocacy, lobbying and research. The CRA activities are currently conducted in Regions Three, Four and Five and will subsequently be implemented in the remaining administrative regions in Guyana.