Valini Leitch


16 Parents and 4 Teachers were sensitized at the Diamond Special Need School
In: ChildLink News
Sep 20, 2018

ChildLinK facilitated a sensitization session with 16 parents and 4 teachers at the Diamond Special Need School on September 19, 2018. Facilitators discussed ways in which parents can educate their children on being safe since children with special needs are particularly a vulnerable community to sexual violence.

Parents were advised that educating their children about sexual abuse, safe and unsafe touches which will aid in protecting them from perpetrators and help them to identify sexual abuse in the event it occurs.

Since engaging with children with special needs may differ in some ways from dealing with children without a disability, parents were also advised that it is important that they learn and understand their child’s disability which will assist them in effectively communicating informationĀ on safe and unsafe touches to their children.

Parents were very responsive to the session and expressed their gratitude since most of them were unaware of how vulnerable children with a disability is to sexual violence.