Valini Leitch

Key Achievements


ChildLinK has played a leading role in promoting and advocating for the protection of children in Guyana and giving children/youth a voice on issues that concern them.  ChildLinK’s expertise lies in providing child friendly counselling and other psychosocial interventions to children, youths and their families, from a rights based approach.   ChildLinK has taken a supportive role among key players such as the ChildCare and Protection Agency in the protection of children and has provided training and facilitated skills development for duty bearers, policy and decision makers to take the lead in protecting children.

ChildLinK works with local, national and international partners implementing services to give children the best possible opportunities to grow up to their fullest potential in a safe, secure and caring family or family type environment. The organisation has pioneered several activities for children’s participation, leadership and ownership such as a National Children’s Conference, Children’s Forum, Children’s Rallies, Grand Children’s Day, etc.  These forums created the platform for children to articulate their views, concerns and display their talents. ChildLinK has produced comprehensive manuals (Case Management Manuals for Counsellors and Case Workers) for developing counselors to work effectively with young children and families.

ChildLinK has developed in consultation with the ChildCare and Protection Agency their ‘Staff Handbook and Good Practice Guide’. ChildLinK has also produced a series of Parenting Handbooks and Parenting Manuals providing a comprehensive approach and training to service providers and caregivers on parenting.

ChildLinK’s work with children is guided by its Child Protection Policy developed from the Keeping Children Save Toolkit and has supported several local partners including the ChildCare and Protection Agency, to develop and implement their own Child Protection Policies.  Over the years ChildLinK has developed a professional and effective team which responds to children who are abused or at serious risk of abuse or neglect, according to its child protection policy, procedures and interventions which help children recover from the trauma of abuse.  Since 2009 ChildLinK has piloted a Foster Care initiative in partnership with the Ministry of Human Services and Social Security – ChildCare and Protection Agency and subsequently developed a Foster Care Project and Kinship Project in 2011 which to date has successfully placed 164 children in foster/kinship care and prevented the separation/institutionalization of 83 children.

To date, the Foster Care Project has been handed over to the ChildCare and Protection Agency along with the 2 Case Workers who have been seconded by the Ministry of Human Services and Social Security.