Valini Leitch


Name of the project

Digital Story Telling – Guyana 

Dates of implementation (start and completed)

August 2014 – May 2015 

Objectives and activities and partners

Family for Every Child’s focus on children and families propelled the organization to introduce this tool to its work and build on the strength of its members to use this tool to probe children and their experiences within their families across varied socio-cultural-political contexts. Participants for DST initiative were 6 children between the ages of 9-14 years. With this intention, 8 members came on board early this year to participate, own and implement this initiative.

  • To gain an understanding of family specifically to feed into our conceptual framework which is the foundation for our work on policy development
  • Provide members with insights into the role and nature of family in their own context to strengthen their work to support children and families
  • Provide members with opportunities for easier exchange of experiences and insights
  • As a tool for communication and advocacy on significance of families and
  • Promoting effective child participation


  • The children who participated produced 6 films to date. Five out of six of the completed films were uploaded to the vimeo. This allows Family for Everychild staff to access films. They were: 1. Bitter roots but sweet fruits, 2. My Life, 3. Inspiration, 4.Sad Days, 5. My parents separation, 6. The Argument
  • This project allowed the children to develops creativity and critical thinking and those who are shy or afraid to talk get a chance to speak out their minds.
  • The process allowed the children involved to explore the meaning of their own experience, give value to it, and communicate that experience with others.
  • It helped the participants to reflect upon their life experiences and foster a sense of individuality