Valini Leitch


NGOs give high priority to financial assistance for which they need to conceptualize projects, write proposals, contact donors and follow-up for assured funding. In today’s grant scenario, project funding for purchasing equipment such as computers and vehicles has been drastically reduced. In fact, many donor agencies have completely stopped covering such costs and are only offering grants for direct project activities. The sustainability of project infrastructure and ownership problems are core reasons for donors to move away from covering infrastructural costs and directly funding only community-based actions. There are international organizations that are constantly involved in the process of securing financial assets and also transferring non-financial them to needy communities and NGOs in developing countries. Non-financial donations can include books, computers, furniture, stationary and even vehicles. These resources can be very crucial for long-term sustainability of projects and programs implemented by NGOs in developing countries. Small organizations Other organizations can also seek such donations to implement community-based organizational mechanisms or set-ups and transfer such assets to them.

Considering all these developments, you or your organisation can join our list of sources from where we can seek financial and non-financial donations such as to expand our work in Guyana. ChildLinK Inc. invites your support in fulfilling its mandate of protecting children in Guyana from all forms of violence or abuse and exploitation.  We are therefore offering you an opportunity to sponsor our work to reach more vulnerable children, their families and communities across Guyana.

We are therefore seeking to engage with you to further discuss how we could collaborate in the best interests of Guyana’s most vulnerable population, our children and help them to grow and develop to their full potential.