Valini Leitch


By: admin_childlink
April 16, 2015

Youth Vision

The project is aimed at empowering youth particularly those disadvantaged from St. Winifride’s Secondary, St. Mary’s Secondary, Dolphin Secondary, Tutorial High and Houston Community High School with the knowledge and skills to enable them to realise their full potential while creating a more violence free school. The specific objective is that young people exposed to violence and abuse or other difficult circumstances are able to access psychosocial support to help them cope with the traumas, and improve their chances of a better future.

This will be achieved through working with young people, the schools’ PTAs (parents and teachers) to change attitudes and behaviour on child rights and protection.  We will provide capacity building for youths to strengthen their involvement in human rights initiatives and empower them, especially young girls, to exercise their rights while creating the opportunity for them to be equally involved in activities including youth groups, sports and decision making at all levels.  Youths will be trained to become mentors within their respective schools enabling them to play a leading role in finding solutions to their own problems, thus contributing towards the sustainability of the proposed initiative.

Our volounteers

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