Valini Leitch


By: admin_childlink
April 16, 2015

Hug Project

Overall Objective: Improve the lives of children experiencing violence and abuse to promote children’s rights and protection.

Specific objective:  1100 children from the Agricola and Ruimveldt communities have improved access to services and information to enable them to realize their rights by March 2013.

This project is implemented in 5 schools Agricola, St. Anne’s and Eccles Primary Schools in Agricola and its environs and West Ruimveldt and Ketley Primary Schools in the Ruimveldt community.  The project was also extended to Houston through its outreach activities/support.

The main activities include 1. Provision of counselling, psychosocial and other support activities to 300 abused children, child protection sensitization sessions with 1100 children, national children’s conference with 100 children, child-led production of sensitisation materials for national distribution. 2. Training 300 caregivers, publication of parenting handbooks and promoting public education on positive parenting/disciple, child rights and development. 3. Training 14 service providers to deliver quality child-friendly services to children. 4. Establish a National Child Protection Network of 20 key representatives to influence legislations and better services for children.

Our volounteers

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