Valini Leitch


By: admin_childlink
April 14, 2015

Foster Care Project

Project Goal: Collaboration with the Ministry of Human Services and Social Security, Child Care and Protection Unit for the placement or reintegration of 105 children into foster/kinship care (25 new and 80 existing), thus giving them a chance to grow and develop to their full potential free from violence and abuse.

The action will ensure the provision of psychosocial support for children and their (foster) families to cope with challenges; youth support groups in Linden and Georgetown and parent support groups in Linden, Georgetown and East Bank, parenting skills education training for 66 parents/caregivers; capacity building for professionals providing emotional care to families; advocacy activities addressing issues of family violence to prevent the separation of children from their families; and promote foster care as an alternative form of care for children separated from their families.

Our volounteers

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